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Moving Along.

Posted on | May 8, 2020 | 12 Comments

I am keeping busy with all sorts of projects. And am also keeping to the plan of alternating something old and something new.

The old first. I am working on the last block of my McKenna Ryan quilt. The beach boxes are down with most of the stitching done. But I also needed to prepare the kangaroos. The pieces have been fused together ready to be placed on the block and stitched.

I also had a donation quilt cut and ready to go, but it had been sitting there for over a month. That is now finished and ready to go. It is about 40 in sq.

The something new is my next wool project. A smaller one this time with six blocks and then the borders. The larger pieces are cut out and being stitched down, before I add the smaller pieces and embroidery.

We seem to be going from one extreme to the other with our weather. Last weekend was very cold with snow on the nearby mountains. This week it has been delightful with lovely sunshine. This weekend is going back to cold, wet and windy. I took advantage of the sun for a few pics of the camellias.

Sticking with the garden theme – it looks like we will be picking fresh oranges very soon!

It is only a small tree but is very productive.

Even though the days are blending into each other I still have found there is plenty to keep me busy. Like everyone, I am hoping we can get out and about soon, but I only want to do that if it is safe.

Take care. Cheers, Karen

12 Responses to Moving Along.

  • Joan says:

    Your moving along, and I’m falling behind…d
    Once again, I’m not caught up on my blog reading. I love love love your kangaroos and I’m so jealous over your garden. I only wish we could have fruit like that here! I have to settle for a bumper crop of “weeds” again this year! hahahaha

  • Oh! I am loving those kangaroos! Your camellias are gorgeous. We had those in our yard when I was a child. Matter of fact, I think they’re still there. And oranges!!! We have lemons, but I haven’t tried oranges yet. Our space is limited.

  • Okay, these kangaroos are too cute! Kangaroo Games–who thinks of such cuteness?
    The camellias are beautiful. We get hat special kind of layered-clothing weather. Start out with a tee shirt, long sleeves and a coat. Then peel it all off one layer at a time as the sun arms things up. By evening, you’re praying for a breeze while you walk!

  • Raewyn says:

    Yes, our weather is the same, four seasons in one day – your Camellias are ahead of hours – I’m looking forward to their winter colour. The Kangaroos look very fun – and I guess being a Mckenna Ryan quilt, will be a lot of work? Love your new woolly project and the cheerful simplicity of the donation quilt too. You’re managing to keep your fingers busy!

  • Karen D Martin says:

    Oh my goodness–your flowers and oranges are wonderful! We just had snow two days ago, so it’s nice to see some beautiful gardening. Your kangaroos are too adorable–love them!

  • Those Roos are a lot of fun! I love that baby quilt design–I might try one myself. Yours is so very colorful! Camellias are a fav of mine–we had a couple of them in our yard in Japan. Do you eat the oranges straight, or make juice, like my in-laws do in California?

  • Oh my, those Kangaroos are wonderful!!! They will make a super sweet quilt. I am also drawn to your wool flowers. I love those 70’s flower designs. I have never had an orange straight off of the tree….I bet they taste so sweet.

  • Love the Kangas! Very pretty and happy Charity quilt! Look forward to seeing your new wool project come to life. Your camelias are beautiful. I have been waiting 3 years for a flower on my one and only bush. How lovely to have delicious oranges….yum!

  • White Rose says:

    Good morning Karen ,what a lovely post to read first thing in the morning. I agree all the days are running into each other ,lol,i keep forgetting which day it is. Your kangaroo blocks are very cute and love your wool flowers,well done on your beautiful work especially the lovely quilt. Oh your garden looks so pretty,stay warm my friend xx

  • Jenny Benton says:

    McKenna Ryan quilt designs are usually quite complicated I believe? Love the kangaroos, and the little donation quilt is nice and colourful.

  • Susan Snooks says:

    Yes, I don’t need to go to the pub or the gym, that’s for sure! You have been very productive Karen! I’m flitting between some patchwork and some knitting. I’m trying to get motivated to badge a quilt today. There won’t be much warm sunshine for a while now, I fear! Stay safe.

  • Love your kangaroos!! Thank you for the walk in your garden too. I agree, even though it is hard to remember what day of the week it is, we have to be safe when we start opening up again. Stay well!


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