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Summer Sewing.

Posted on | February 12, 2019 | 16 Comments

When you live in or near Melbourne you do get used to the changeable weather. We have already had temps in the 40s this month and our aircon has worked overtime. This week we have returned to cooler days in the low 20s (70s). But today decided to play tricks with us and warmed up to a lovely 21c before rapidly dropping to 14 at lunchtime when a storm blew through. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring?

On to far more important things – stitching. Lots of bits and pieces on the go. I have completed the stitching on the little caravan.

I am now ready to put the three pieces together into a wall hanging.

Next up I am following Gail Pan’s BOM of Christmas stitcheries. I am going at my own pace and have finished one of the January designs.

I am also back to working on my McKenna Ryan quilt blocks. I have six completed and three to go. It was time to sew some of them together.

The top four blocks are together and I am now working on the one to the right of them to fill that gap. It will be a little trickier than the rest as it has a lot of pieces overlapping other blocks as well as the border.

Hopefully it will be finished when Christmas arrives this year. (No pressure!)

All my group activities have started up again for the year and it has been delightful catching up with everyone. I hope you are enjoying your week, too.

Cheers, Karen

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