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Going Green.

Posted on | November 23, 2011 | 11 Comments

Quite accidentally, everything in this post is green. I only realised that when I was cropping the photos.

We have a Magnolia Little Gem in our garden and there have been several flowers, but they have always been wind or rain damaged. It has been delightful to have one open when the weather has been very kind.

I have also pulled out my blanket again and started stitching. I need to work on this a lot more before the weather warms up and it is too hot to have a woollen blanket on my lap.

And of course I can’t stay away from the trees. I had to make another one and, yes, it is green. Just for something different.

I notice that Christmas is creeping ever closer. Good luck with your preparations.


11 Responses to Going Green.

  • sunny says:

    I love your little tree. How big is it? i may attempt something like this. So cute!

  • As I love green I can’t see a problem. Lovely gardenia and beautiful stitching…your blanket is awesome.

  • Anita Hayes says:

    Hi Karen,
    You are lucky to get a good photo of Little Gem, our flowers are getting that burnt look before they really get the chance to bloom. Love your blanket and hope you get lots done on it before it gets too hot. Of cource, I love your Christmas tree, very cute. Regards, Anita.

  • Your magnolia is very pretty. You know it’s the state flower of Texas! Your stitching is so pretty, and I like the tree, too!

  • joan says:

    Your magnolia is beautiful. It’s nice to see green when things are brown in Colorado, or white if your skiing! :-)

    Looks like a lot of work on your blanket… a tad bit warm it will be when the temperatures rise! It’s going to be beautiful and well worth the love put in it!

    Oh you and those ribbon trees. I am on a mission myself, thank you very much!! I dumped my tub of trims out the other day and started playing… Hope to have something to show you by next week! And I want you to know in advance, it’s all your fault!!

    :-p hehehe

  • Sunnybec says:

    Someone said on the radio the other day “it’s only 33 days to Christmas”…. I nearly fell off my chair!! How did that come so quickly!!! I haven’t even got my Christmas cards out yet…oh deer (play on words there LOL)… better get my skates on. Love the green tree. x

  • Rachaeldaisy says:

    Lovely green things. The smell of those magnolias is wonderful, the big ones smell like lemon meringue pie! You know how much I lo e your Christmas trees.

  • Margaret says:

    Popped over from Elaines to see where this other Victorian lived and noticed with all the rain you get down your way that everything is a delightful shade of cooling gree.

  • Susan says:

    I love your little green tree! I’m with Karen- who keeps hijacking my time!!??

  • Melody says:

    Lots of green gorgeousness. I just love that little Christmas tree.

  • Karen says:

    mmmmmmm my favourite colour, seriously.
    And I am quite certain that Christmas is in conspiracy with Father Time and they are high-jacking half the days away. Got nothing to do with reading what other people are up to at all.


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