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Christmas Trio.

Posted on | April 19, 2011 | 6 Comments

I like the idea of trying to do Christmas projects early in the year so there isn’t a mad rush at the end. But, like many others, this plan does not always work. This little embroidery was started last year but never quite made it in time for December 25.  So if I finish it now, I can aim for next Christmas instead.

I have to make a decision as to finishing it. Do I frame it or turn it into a wall hanging??  Both would work!

Making Spirits Bright by Natalie Bird of The Birdhouse.

6 Responses to Christmas Trio.

  • Ivory Spring says:

    What an adorable Christmas project. I would probably frame it…. I know, I am not speaking like a quilter. :)

  • Sunnybec says:

    I would say same as Val wall hanging so easy to store. Let me be the first to say it to you this year MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

  • Karen says:

    Really cute elves. Brilliant thread choice too. If space is an issue, I’d turn them into a wall hanging because you can roll it up to store it.
    Would be an excellent alternative to a wreath on the front door.
    Interested in seeing what you decide.

  • michelle rag-tag stitchin' says:

    Gorgeous Chrissy Elves. It’s a lovely design by Natalie. Very nice stitching too.

  • Val says:

    It looks cute. I’m not sure what would be best but I have just thought that a wall hanging can be easily folded and stored since it is a Christmas subject.

  • Joan Kawano says:

    Let me clear my throat. If I heard you right, you said you had a great start for this year. I heard nothing about last year!! Right???
    :-) It’s adorable, and I like wall hanging, but probably because I think it is more reasonably priced than framing! Just my humble opinion!


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