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Summer Is Coming.

Posted on | November 28, 2014 | 12 Comments

Here in our part of the world, Summer starts on Monday. In our southern part of the country we have not been hit with the early hot temperatures those further north are experiencing.

As a result the garden is growing well and the grass is still green. It is even cool enough at night to still have a blanket.

This is what is happening in my garden.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014

As a result I am making my third batch of jam. I am finding that we are able to pickĀ  a kilogram every second or third day. So why not turn some of it into jam.


I breathed a big sigh of relief when I posted this parcel today for our FHFS group.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014

I had bee quite concerned about making the deadline, but thankfully it all worked out.

This is a sneak peek at what I played with that eventually went inside one of the packages.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014


Now that one deadline is out of the way, I need to catch up on a lot more Christmas sewing.

In the meantime, I have found other distractions. I have a friend who is very talented when it comes to anything to do with paper. I enjoy going to some of her classes.

Last week we made this lovely fold out book.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014

All the papers used in the pages and on the cover are handmade.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014

A little bit of decoration was added.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014

It is made with concertina fold pages.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014


There are too many lovely distractions waiting to be made. The only solution is to live to 110 – at least!

Have a lovely weekend. I am planning to enjoy the sunshine in the garden.

Hope you have a great one planned, too.


Cheers, Karen



12 Responses to Summer Is Coming.

  • Rachaeldaisy says:

    Those strawberries look delicilous!! It’s great you get enough fruit to make jam so you can enjoy the taste of summer all year round. That pile of presents looks so pretty. You book is lovely too, such beautiful embellishments.

  • Frances says:

    I am such a summer lover, I might just have to change hemispheres every six months!!!

  • Gee I could almost smell those beautiful strawberries. Well if the person receiving that parcel is as spoilt as I wasn’t you they are going to be one very happy girl… They look beautiful. Beautiful handmade booklet xx

  • Fiona says:

    there is absolutely nothing better than home grown and home made strawberry jam…. just the best… lovely set of parcels and great to see some of your beautiful ribbon work has gone in there… Really? summer is starting… oh my gosh will it get hotter?????? great to do a different craft and your folding book looks lovely

  • marina says:

    yum home grown strawberries!
    well done meeting your deadline, love all that red and aqua. so pretty together.
    lovely book too.
    Here’s to living to 110 (at least)

  • Linda King says:

    Your strawberries look delicious. We just got our first snow, so I am a little jealous!!!! The little fold out book is delightful, what fun you must of had making it.

  • I am trying hard not to be jealous of your strawberries. I’ve tried growing them here several times, but our climate is just not right for them. Your packages look intriguing and the fold out book is really nice! And yes, I’ll have to live and work at least that long to use up all my fabric. ;)

  • sunny says:

    I envy the lucky person who is getting all those lovely gifts from you! Your card is beautiful. I make cards, but nothing as intricate as that.

  • Joan says:

    Yummmm fresh strawberries. I love your card. Looks like living forever will be the only option! Too much to get into, too little time! LOL!!

  • Oh YuMmmmO… the jam will be full of flavour by the looks of those strawberries.
    Have a wonderful day in the garden tomorrow too & then perhaps a little sewing as a reward! xox

  • Shez says:

    Wow Karen what a box full of pretty parcels,lucky lady.Oh that little book is so gorgeous,love it and yes i know what you mean about living to 110,enjoy your weekend my friend.xx

  • Raewyn says:

    My strawberries haven’t performed this year (neglect, me thinks!) so I am drooling looking at yours!! Your fold out book is gorgeous – well done and also good on you with your secret sewing :-)


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