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November Hearts.

Posted on | November 12, 2018 | 13 Comments

This is the second last month for the year of Bunny Hill Snow Hearts. I have kept this one simple and have removed the words as Australia does not celebrate Thanksgiving. They still look lovely.

I often find that I am working on several projects at one time and often have nothing in particular to show in posts. Then after a while all the projects seem to come to a finish all at once. That is the case at the moment with at least half a dozen items nearing completion.

This is the quilt top using the bird fabric and the aqua and orange pinwheels. The top is ready and waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.

Quilting may have to wait a while as my big machine goes in for a service today.

I spent some time with friends making a few Christmas cards. Had a lovely day and this was the result.

Of course having a lot on the go does not preclude starting something new. This is the first block of many for an Aussie animal quilt from the Red Boot Quilt Company.

This wombat will need button eyes added but that is well down the track.

Summer is letting us know it is on the way with a hot day today, but we are still getting a few mild ones in between which makes it very pleasant.

Have a great week.

Cheers, Karen


13 Responses to November Hearts.

  • Linda Dutch says: Both your hearts are very sweet. They are all going to look so lovely on your tree. And that bird fabric is very cute! And, it's warming up over here too in NZ.
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: I like all your projects, but especially the bird quilt - so vibrant and colorful! You are so good at so many different beautiful things!
  • Kaholly says: Like you, I work on several projects at once, and it does seem as though they all finish up at the same time! Gosh, those cards are pretty! As is that quilt! Nice and cheery!
  • Fiona says: it is lovely having different things to do as the mood dictates. Love your colourful bird quilt - so cheerful and your hearts are very sweet - you have a lovely collection now. I always think you are so clever with the cards you make - those ones look lots of work in them. Perfect fabric for the wombat! Hugz
  • Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says: Karen, great job keeping up with the hearts and making them your own! I'm with you on the projects--they seem to all come to finish at once here, too. I love how you used cork on your wombat.
  • Jenny Benton says: More lovely hearts and only next month to do now. What a wonderful collection you will have. Plus more lovelies to show us.
  • Susan Snooks says: I think we all flit between projects Karen! I have about three quilts on the go, some hand piecing and am finishing up an embroidery! The hearts are looking great! I'm looking forward to seeing them all together in December! Love the Christmas cards too!
  • Jeanette says: Gorgeous hearts. As usual i'm running behind.:) Love the cards.Hugs,xx
  • Carole @ From My Carolina Home says: Love your cards!! I work on multiple things at once too. The snowmen hearts are really cute, and your bird quilt is lovely.
  • Joan says: Awwww I love your snowhearts. The top one is so bright and cheery. Talk about bright and cheery. Your orange/aqua quilt is gorgeous! And Christmas cards...eeks, it's almost that time isn't it?
  • Gone stitchin says: Love all the projects but the hearts & cards are gorgeous... xox
  • Karen D Martin says: Your cards are so beautiful! I seem to get a lot of projects finishing up all at once also. Your bird quilt is wonderful--so cheerful and fun. We don't have wombats in the US--they look like pretty cute little creatures.
  • SM S says: Hi Karen your hearts are beautiful my friend,sorry that i havent kept up with them,but i am enjoying seeing your beautiful work,hope you have a lovely weekend.

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