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Knitting And 90.

Posted on | August 21, 2018 | 9 Comments

I had to get my skates on as I wanted to finish this jumper and hat for our 3yo grand daughter to be able to wear during this Winter.

I had started it well before our holiday, but had to get myself back into the knitting routine after our return. Thankfully it was done and given to her last weekend. It fits and looks like there is plenty of growing room for next Winter as well.  It suits her perfectly with her blonde hair and blue eyes.

Now I will jump from the youngest member of our family to the oldest. My mum turned 90 last week so we all gathered together to celebrate.

It is so difficult to choose a gift for a person who is 90. When she was 80 we all gave her a trip to New Zealand with her friend.

This year my sister came up with  a great idea to give her  a book of occasions. What we did was all chose a separate activity that we can do with her so that over the next few months she will be out and about with a family member nearly every week.

I made a special book and then we all wrote about our activities and placed them in the envelopes on each page.

So now my mum is going to the zoo to feed the giraffes, is having high tea, will be touring landmark buildings, going to afternoon tea in the country side, visiting the National Gallery – and many more activities.

Now we just have to plan ahead for the next big one.

I welcome any ideas and suggestions.

Cheers, Karen


9 Responses to Knitting And 90.

  • Kyle Redente says: Gosh, that's a terrific idea. You're all going to enjoy it.
  • Shez says: Hi Karen love the jumper you knitted and the little book/card you made for your mum is a great idea,i love what you are all doing,such a lovely gift for your mum xx
  • Susan Snooks says: I love the idea of giving your dear mother all those experiences she will have in the coming weeks! Fantastic!
  • Fiona says: Oh I just love the idea of the book of occasions... so wonderful. The jumper is great too and I bet it will be a favourite.. just gorgeous.. Hugz
  • sunny says: What a fantastic gift idea! And the card you made is just perfect. Happy Birthday to you Mom!!
  • Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says: Great job finishing the sweater and hat for your GD! Wow, what an amazing bunch of gifts for your mom! My mom is turning 90 this year, too. It sounds like she's not as mobile as your mom. I'll have to think about some outings she can do. Getting out is a big deal at 90. Happy birthday to your mom!!!
  • Frances says: Two lovely gifts in one post!!! The occasion book is such a great idea. It gives her something to look forward to and ensures that all of your family gets to spend time with her. Well done!!
  • Linda Dutch says: My goodness, the "occasions" book is such a lovely idea! Her birthday will get to last for a few weeks!
  • Karen D Martin says: Your little sweater set is adorable! What an awesome gift for your mom--wonderful idea!

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