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A Loooong Wait.

It has certainly been a long time since this quilt was started.  I bought the patterns about 3 years back and spent some time collecting the fabrics.  So about 2 and a half years ago I started the piecing, applique and embroidery. There were lots of other interruptions and distractions along the way but thankfully […]

Travelling Bear.

It’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic day again with Melody at The House On The Side Of The Hill. Take a visit to see who is at the picnic. My little bear is sitting inside his travelling case from Settler Bears.  He may be little but he is quite heavy – weighted down with shot. Lovely shaggy […]

Califon Growing.

I am gradually adding layers to this quilt. I will definitely add another white border and then will have to do some very careful calculating to see if  I have enough fabric left for one more row of blocks. It is currently 5o inches across so I suppose I also have to think about how […]


Still quilting away but managed to find a little distraction! Reverse colours.

Flowers Everywhere.

Today is Colourful Friday and Robyn has asked participants to look at flowers. Visit Daisy Quilts to see all the beautiful blooms. Of course with flowers as the theme there is so much to choose. So I decided to limit my pictures to flowers that have been made, not grown. And even then there were […]

A Desk Bear.

This little bear needs to take a break from working at his desk and go to the picnic organised by Melody from The House On the Side Of The Hill. He is a little Settler Bear and came dressed in a warm jumper. He needs that as our weather has turned very cold. Check out […]

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