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Secret Keeper.

Over the years I have made many dolls. Far too many to have on display all the time. So every now and then I select a few to come out of storage and swap them with others that have been out for a while. This very wise looking lady is called Secret Keeper and is […]

More Storage.

I really liked having such easy access to all my sewing needs when I bought my Ikea shelves that I decided to go all out and get another set of shelves and doors. I find I am using a lot more of my stash because I can see it at a glance. My only disappointment […]

Missing From My Blog.

The last three weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind with family ( from Melbourne and US) staying and then having some travel and tourist time together. This is a little of what we were up to. It is amazing how much can be squeezed into such a short time. And it always disappears […]

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