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Completed Cats.

Posted on | March 7, 2017 | 8 Comments

There are a lot of lovely pieced animal blocks around and Elizabeth Hartman has a great collection of them. I have adapted her cat mini quilt to make a full sized bed quilt.

This is one of her easier blocks but it still involved a little bit of fiddling around.

Every cat block is a different colour. The colour changes follow a path from the top left block and travel in a zig zag  pattern to the bottom corner.

The true colour of the background fabric is an indigo blue, but that is difficult for the camera to pick up.

I used a deep blue for the inner blue and binding.

I was able to find enough fabrics in my stash to make sure there were no double ups and to be able to meet the requirements for gradual colour changes.

The backing is a great fabric from Ella Blue basics and is covered with Australian place names. I thought this was perfect as this quilt is going overseas to our grand daughter.

And the quilting shows up clearly on the backing, too. I had this quilted by my local LAQ. I think the pattern is popcorn.

Here is the quilting on the front, too.

I had two blocks left over so I turned them into cushion covers.

I have two quilts now ready to post.

I am after any ideas or suggestions for posting quilts overseas. I will wrap them in plastic for protection and then box them. I will make sure the address is inside the package as well as on the box. And I will insure it. When I write the declaration on the box do I call them quilts or is that asking for trouble? Do I simply call them bedding?

I welcome any ideas. It bothers me that I am posting items worth hundreds of dollars and that they could go missing. Even when I have posted small items to the US and have requested they be signed for, those parcels have simply been left on the doorstep.

Thanks in anticipation for your ideas.

Cheers, Karen






8 Responses to Completed Cats.

  • shez says: Hi Karen,wow this quilt is so cute. I went to a Michelle Hill day in Ballan a couple of years ago and she said she never marks it as a quilt or insures it as she has had one stolen because they knew it was a valuable quilt in the box,so maybe mark as bedding or fabric,fingers crossed it gets to your lovely GD xx
  • Suz says: What a delightful quilt! I love that Australian place names fabric too! I'd definitely declare it as bedding only. The customs people will be less inclined to investigate that label too much. I don't have any other suggestions, but I do send my good luck that they have a safe and swift journey!
  • Fiona says: oh wow, I love it....the colour grading is wonderful... well done.... I agree with what the others have said regarding posting. Most things are fine. Hugz
  • Raewyn says: Beautiful!! Such a gorgeous quilt - I love how you have graduated the colours and the indigo blue for the background is just perfect. I thought I'd seen that block before - I was making the cats up as scrappy - very time consuming - your idea is much better! (Something on my list to do something with this year!) Good luck with your posting :-)
  • michelle from Rag-tag Stitchin' says: Love your kitties and also that neat backing fabric. I have nothing to add regarding the could call it linen xx
  • Frances says: I'm still not seeing you on my blog roll so it is good to catch up with your last three posts. I love the colors in the Bow-tie and the quilting is perfect!! The three sets of trees are fun but I really love your rainbow cats. I am sure that your granddaughter will treasure it!!
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: What a perfect quilt! It just delightful. I've only ever sent one quilt overseas - to London, and I used Priority Mail. It arrived safely and in perfect condition.
  • Joan says: How on earth did I miss this one? I love it! My kitty would definitely be jealous to have all these kitties take over her/our bed! hahahahaha

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