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Scrap Logs And Woolly Jumpers.

Posted on May 24, 2016 | No Comments

I know I have commented in recent posts how we seem to have had an extended Summer, so it will come as no surprise when I say that Winter has finally hit. I think it really hits home when the mornings are cold enough for the heater to go on. Definitely time for slippers.

I am working on keeping with my finishing off theme and have completed a small quilt that will end up as a picnic blanket or table cloth.

Sunburnt Quilts - Scrap Log Cabin 2016) (1)

This was made from some log cabins I worked on in a scrap class and used the leftover fabrics from quite a few projects.

I kept it light by using a cotton batting in the sandwich.

Sunburnt Quilts - Scrap Log Cabin 2016) (3)

Then I played with a few different quilting designs. I haven’t done any FMQ for a while so it was good to get back into it.

Sunburnt Quilts - Scrap Log Cabin 2016) (2)

I used a Rosalie Quinlan fabric from my stash for the backing and then finished off with black and white binding.

Sunburnt Quilts - Scrap Log Cabin 2016) (4)

The next quilt is ready for quilting, also. It is the Lynette Anderson design, Fern Hill. All the embroidery, applique and piecing is finished and once the quilting is done I can finally sew the buttons on. Hooray!

I have to do some showing off with the next photo.

Sunburnt Quilts - Handspun wool Jacket) (1)

My husband has made this toddler jacket from scratch. He carded the fleece, spun it into yarn and then knitted the jacket. This is going to be so warm and cozy in Winter. I love it.

Looks like that’s my lot for today. Have a great week.

Cheers, Karen





Bears, Possums And Flowers.

Posted on May 11, 2016 | 14 Comments

This really is gong to be an all sorts post for today.  It has been an enjoyably busy time time with several workshops and  little travel  squeezed in as well.

We spent a few days in the Bendigo and Maldon region last week. We managed to dodge the windy days and had several delightful sunny days. Both are lovely places with a rich gold mining history. A visit was made to Bendigo Woollen Mills which resulted in yarn for me and bags of combed fleece for hubby to spin.

In Maldon we walked some old mine sites before I spent a little time in The Village Patch. What a delightful store that is. And they keep all their fabric between $15 and $17 – quite an achievement here in Aus! Yes, I bought some!

The day after returning home I went to a bear class to finish the one I have been working on.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2016 (3) Nicholas Bear

I have been attending a bear circle at Bear Essence to get help with the patterns I want to make. I finally finished this one – Nicholas. He needs some buttons and a Christmas hat, but all the bear sewing is done. Nicholas is a pattern designed by Josey and she is the instructor in this class.

More knitting has been on the needles and the result is this fun scarf – a possum.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2016 (5) Possum Scarf


Just a fun one to knit up quickly. It is a Patons pattern from the book (no. 1317 ) called Hand Knits For Modern Kids.

I have also been able to attend a wonderful workshop with Wendy Williams. She makes amazing quilts appliqued with felt. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and loved all the techniques she shared with us.

This is her book and some of the work we did.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2016 (7) Wendy Williams

My flowers are in several stages of completion.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2016 (1)

This is one of the times where yo need to see her work to appreciate the detail.

It is a great way to combine working with felt, embroidery and quilting. If you have time, click on this link to see her work.


We are having crazy strong winds here so it is the perfect time to stay inside where it is warm and be cosy. We even turned on the heating last night for the first time this year. I think that has to be the latest for a very long time.

I hope your week is going wonderfully well.

Cheers, Karen








Birthdays And Bertie.

Posted on April 26, 2016 | 15 Comments

The second Bertie block has been completed and I have prepared the third, ready for stitching.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Bertie (2)

I am enjoying working with the wool and it has also made me realise where the gaps are in my stash. That’s a good thing because now I can focus on the colours and patterns I need rather that random buying.

Our run of birthdays for grandchildren continues. Our youngest turns one this week but we all caught up over the weekend to celebrate. I enjoy having the opportunity to make these fun items for our grandies.

There was a fox theme going on with the cushion that I made and a knitted softie.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 (1)


Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Knitted Fox

There was a lot of knitting happening with a knitted hat next.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Hat

And then some knitted fruit!

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Fruit

Adding to the food theme, some felt fruit and veg.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Felt food

There are a few quiet months and then we have another birthday rush in August and September.

That may give me a chance to get back to some quilting.

I hope your week has started well.

Cheers, Karen




Tigers And AQC.

Posted on April 19, 2016 | 12 Comments

Football season started here several weeks ago and it turns out that  our 4yo grandson needed a hat and scarf to support his team. The lovely part is he has chosen his team purely because of the animal emblem representing it – a tiger. So now it appears he will be a Richmond supporter.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Tigers hat and scarf

When I was part way through the knitting I was showing him what I was making. He grinned from ear to ear and then made an additional request for a softie he could cuddle in bed. He even showed me what it should look like.

So this is the end result.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Knitted Tiger

I do hope he enjoys supporting his team.

Last week we had the amazing Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne. I spent a lovely day viewing quilts and visiting stall holders – and making a few little purchases.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Rachael’s wonderful Blooming Doilies quilt on display. I have seen the photos on her blog and read about the process, so it was great to be able to view it up close to see the detail and workmanship involved. What a pleasure it was. Thanks, Rachael.

AQS 2016 (5) - Rachael's Quilt

AQS 2016 (6) - Rachael's quilt

Visit Rachael’s blog, Blue Mountain Daisy, to see more of her stunning work.

I have also been playing with paper and have completed another book. I have been chatting with a friend about the beautiful handmade cards we are given over the years. We collect them in a box, but that’s all we do. So we decided we needed a way to display them. Chris designed a book to store and display our card collections. The book could easily be used for photos, too, but I need mine for cards. It has lots of pockets and fold out pages for plenty of storage.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Christmas Collection Book 2016 (2)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Christmas Collection Book 2016 (5)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Christmas Collection Book 2016 (4)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Christmas Collection Book 2016 (1)

My task now is to sort out all the cards and add them to this journal.

Just to finish off this post I will add another picture from the quilt show. This amazing quilt by Susan Carlson is over 6 metres long and looks stunning.  I have included a close up of the work involved.

AQS 2016 (14)

AQS 2016 (16)

AQS 2016 (15)

We have had some exciting news in the last few days. Our US family is coming over  in July for three weeks. There is something special about having your whole family together in one place. Can you see the big smile on my face?

Cheers, Karen




Rabbits And Birds.

Posted on April 5, 2016 | 16 Comments

When I first saw this fabric range I really liked it and bought several fat quarters. Of course this creates a problem because I had no particular pattern in mind so then had to work out how to use the fabric. I had seen this layout a while back and thought it would suit. It took a little bit of maths to make to make it work and thankfully there was enough for the quilt with very little left over.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Rabbits and Birds (3)

I was quite taken by the birds and rabbits in the design.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Rabbits and Birds (7)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Rabbits and Birds (6)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Rabbits and Birds (5)

I kept the quilting very simple and used my walking foot with a wavy line. This went on some of the vertical and horizontal seams. Certainly much better than trying to stitch in the ditch. I also went around the smaller squares inside squares.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Rabbits and Birds (2)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Rabbits and Birds (1)

I didn’t have enough of any one fabric for the binding so I combined two colours and alternated them.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Rabbits and Birds (9)

The backing is from a completely different range but the colouring and design worked well with the quilt top fabrics.

I think we have managed to settle back into standard time with the end of daylight saving. It always seems so much easier when it ends.

I do hope your week is going well.

Cheers, Karen




Chicks And Dinosaurs.

Posted on March 29, 2016 | 13 Comments

It has taken a while, but I have managed to collect a good range of wool to be able to use in applique projects. It is becoming easier to purchase here in Australia.

So my first play with this technique is Bertie’s Spring which is a Bonnie Sullivan pattern.

Sunburnt Quilts - Wool (Bertie's Spring)

There are four panels, so obviously there are three more to go. These are very easy to stitch, but as with many projects, there is a lot of preparation.

We have also had a 4th birthday for a grandie, so of course there has been some sewing.

Dinosaurs are a popular interest at this age, so some dino cushions were in order.

Here are the covers before the inserts were added.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2016 Dinosaur Cushons (3)

Sunburnt Quilts - 2016 Dinosaur Cushons (2)

Sunburnt Quilts - 2016 Dinosaur Cushons (1)

The dinosaur outlines are from a quilt pattern and then I used some free motion stitching to create a background.

I think I now have a footy hat a scarf to knit because the season has started!

I hope you are having a good week.

Cheers, Karen



Hippity, Hoppity.

Posted on March 23, 2016 | 14 Comments

I think Autumn has finally decided to arrive here, just in time for Easter. We are still having warm days but the nights are much cooler and that is delightful. No sign of leaves changing colour however.

A small candle mat has been completed for Easter. I am running out of places for display so it had to be small.

Sunburnt Quilts - Easter 2016

It is from a kit and pattern by Bareroots.

I have limited the Easter display to the sideboard for this year.

Sunburnt Quilts - Easter 2016 (2)

A few wooden ducks have joined the bunnies, and of course there are chocolate bunnies, bilbies and eggs.

Sunburnt Quilts - Easter 2016 (1)

I recently found this lovely set of tins and thought it could be part of the fun.

I am continuing my push to work on my crochet skills and these blocks are the start of a small throw rug. This is about a third of what I need. I am keeping it simple and mastering a step at a time before moving on to new stitches.

Sunburnt Quilts - Crochet circles

Easter is a 4 day weekend for most people here in Australia, so I do hope everyone has a lovely break. And I hope the Easter bunny treats you well.

Cheers, Karen




Monkey Business.

Posted on March 8, 2016 | 15 Comments

There is not  lot of quilting happening here – probably due to the hot and humid weather we are having late into the season.

But I have been working with some smaller items.

The first finish is a table runner from Bird Brain Designs made in wool felt.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Felt Runner

It is quite long and will easily suit  a dining table or sideboard.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Felt Runner

Yes, I did spot the pin well after the photo was taken.


Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Felt Runner

And the monkey reference in the title refers to these little guys.  I have quite a few friends who are about to become grandmothers, so these are ready for when the babies arrive.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Monkey

They are a Twins knitting pattern.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Felt Runner

We have a long weekend coming up and it has been forecast that we will get a change and finally start to experience some Autumn weather. Hope so.

Regardless of the weather, I hope your week is going well.

Cheers, Karen



A Pocketful Of Pink And Purple.

Posted on February 22, 2016 | 16 Comments

Pink, purple and gold were the requested colours to go into this quilt. Just right for a little girl.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Pocket Quilt

Each of those little bags on each block is actually a pocket.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Pocket Quilt

They concertina out from the quilt.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Pocket Quilt

This quilt will hang on the end of a bunk bed. It can be made any particular size with as many pockets as you wish.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Pocket Quilt

It has been finished with simple meandering for the quilting.

I thought this was a great way to provide some storage. And it is a very different way to use a quilt.

I know you can see the pink and purple, but not the gold. That is on the back, but I forgot to get a photo of that. The backing is a bright pink with a gold fleck.

The pattern is called Party Bags and is designed by Brookshier Design Studio.

Have a wonderful week.

Cheers, Karen





A Terrain Finish.

Posted on February 9, 2016 | 18 Comments

It is a big finish for me. I am not normally a maker of big quilts, but this one had a mind of its own and grew.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Terrain (2)

It ended up at 80 inches wide and 95 inches long. It sits very nicely on an old fashioned brass double bed.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Terrain (6)

It has been made using a layer cake of Kate Spain’s fabric, Terrain, then Moda Bella white, and extra Terrain yardage for the border. Not sure what fabric is in the small orange border but it has a linen look to it.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Terrain (5)

The blocks are made using the disappearing pinwheel tutorial from the MSQC. These are then set en pointe for the layout.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Terrain (1)

I chose an edge to edge swirly pattern for the quilting. Lovely work by my wonderful LAQ.

I stuck to a simple white on white backing for this quilt.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Terrain (7)

Good to have another finish. There are a couple of smaller ones still waiting for their turn. It will come.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Terrain (4)

I do hope your week is going well.

Cheers, Karen




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