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A Zoo Quilt.

Posted on October 22, 2014 | 15 Comments

Here we go.  This will really test out whether all the repairs and upgrades work.

If this post works I can then  see if you can comment and if I can reply.

Fingers crossed.

Several weeks ago I managed to complete this quilt top and send it to my LAQ. It came back within a fortnight and was bound and ready to take to our 2 1/2 year old grandson.

(We had a week of cloudy days so photos are a bit dull.)

Sunburnt Quilts - Zoo Quilt - 2014

The main animal fabric is Jungle Creatures.

The pattern is from a book called Precut Quilts.

Sunburnt Quilts - Zoo Quilt 2014

The quilting pattern was a perfect choice as it is made up of zoo animals.

Sunburnt Quilts - Zoo Quilt 2014

Here is  close up to see the creatures.

Sunburnt Quilts - Zoo Quilt 2014

Lions, elephants and giraffes.

Sunburnt Quilts - Zoo Quilt 2014

The backing fabric fits well with the animal theme – a herd of rhinoceros. And the binding is a soft linen grey.

Sunburnt Quilts - Zoo Quilt 2014

The timing of the finish for the quilt was perfect. The day we delivered it was the same day his new grown up bed was being constructed.

Lots of time was spent looking for creatures in the quilt.  Lots of fun!

Cheers, Karen


An Enforced Break.

Posted on October 11, 2014 | 9 Comments

Looks like I am out of action as far as my blog and emails are concerned for a while.

Due to all sorts of technical hiccups I cannot access loads of data.

I can post on my blog and receive comments, but cannot reply to them.

I am not receiving any emails on my account.

And I am unable to leave comments on your posts.

So I do apologise to anyone who has left me messages, emails or comments.

I also apologise for not commenting on any of your posts.

I am, thankfully, able to continue to read your posts and will enjoy doing so, even if I cannot comment.

I am sure it will be sorted out, but when is another question.

Cheers, Karen



My Turn To Hop Around The World.

Posted on September 15, 2014 | 14 Comments

I have been invited by the lovely Joan at Moose Stash Quilting to participate in the Around The World blog hop.

This is a great way to find out about a lot of bloggers in many varied parts of the world. And to see what they enjoy doing.

Thanks for the opportunity, Joan.

I really enjoy working with all things involving fabric. Patchwork and Quilting is high on my list of most loved crafts. I make my quilts to be used and enjoyed. And sometimes they get to hang on my walls for decoration.

Sunburnt Quilts - Red October

I was very proud when one of my quilts was published in the Australian Handmade magazine. This is a quilt  I had made for our Grand-daughter to use on her bed when visiting here.

Sunburnt Quilts - Pink Snowball


Sunburnt Quilts - Pink Snowball

I also enjoy embroidery so of course it is logical to combine that with quilts.

Sunburnt Quilts - Redwork Star

Or just on its own.

Sunburnt Quilts - Embroidered Garden

I even manage to sneak in some play time with paper – scrapbooks, cards and art journalling.

Sunburnt Quilts - cards

But I thought for this hop I would focus on something Joan mentioned – ribbons.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014

Over the last 4 years I have been designing and producing patterns using a ribbon applique technique. It has been quite a surprise to me how these patterns have taken off so quickly. It is not something I ever intend to have as a business, but it is lovely that something I designed is being enjoyed by others.

So here are the questions and answers.

1. What am I working on?

I have made a number of mini wall hangings with ribbons, but I also wanted to make some decorations and tags.

I am trying to work out the best way to set the ribbons to make the stars and not waste ribbon.

Sunburnt Quilts - 2014

2. How does my work differ from others of this genre?

Most applique pieces are fabric on fabric. I am using combinations of ribbons as the applique pieces.

I then like to add some embroidery, buttons and little decorations to the mini to add interest and character.

This is the first design I made.

Sunburnt Quilts - Ribbon Tree

Another colour way.

Sunburnt Quilts - Ribbon Tree

3. Why do I create?

I think it is the challenge to work out how to make an item that makes me want to create. Working out how to do it in the best way possible pushes me to try many different projects.

If it is in my head I want to see if I can make it.

With my ribbon patterns I wanted to work out a way that would let me applique ribbons firmly and securely but still allow them to have body and texture. I use vliesofix and iron pellon in combination to do this.

The bigger challenge is to write a pattern that makes sense and is easy to follow. I try to make sure that even the least experienced sewer can follow the instructions.

These snow mates took a little while to form into a pattern. Deciding what to embroider and how to use the buttons took a little testing, too.

Sunburnt Quilts - Snowmates

4. How does my creative process work?

I thought when I started making my ribbon minis that the best way to work would be to write and draw the ideas I had, but this didn’t work. It seems I am better off just letting all the ideas swim around inside my head and then when I am happy that everything has fallen into place I can then start making some test samples.

This Ribbon Santa took a while to sort out the body proportions. Once that fell into place the rest followed easily.

Sunburnt Quilts - Ribbon Santa

Whereas the design for the angel was very straight forward right from the beginning.

Sunburnt Quilts - Ribbon Angel


Thank you visiting my post for the Around The World blog hop.




FHFS Spots.

Posted on September 13, 2014 | 11 Comments

I received a delightful parcel in the mail yesterday as part of our FHFS spotty swap.

It was from Sharon of Lilabelle Lane and was wrapped in lovely spotty paper.

Sharon has made this gorgeous Sew Together bag. Doesn’t it look amazing!

Sunburnt Quilts - FHFS 2014

She has embroidered spots and dots to keep the spotty theme going.

And Sharon included some lovely spotty fat quarters.

When the bag is opened  the inside pockets are revealed. And of course the lovely spotty fabric that has been used.

Sunburnt Quilts - FHFS 2014


This is a great idea for all the sewing needs that we take with us.  There is even a little pin cushion!

This is a perfect little bag.

Thank you so much, Sharon.


Ribbit, Ribbit.

Posted on September 11, 2014 | 12 Comments

I wanted an easy project to play with just to give me a little bit of sewing time.

I really like the quick strippie quilts made by Mary of Making Scrap Quilts From Stash, but the focus fabric I had was not WOF. It was only a fat quarter.

Sunburnt Quilts 2014 - Frogs

So, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.  I still decided to use Mary’s strip sizes, but made mine into a centre panel with an added border.

Sunburnt Quilts 2014 - Frog Quilt

This is just what I needed to blow out the cobwebs. I can get this quilted and bound and I will have a gift or donation quilt ready.

I am pleased to say my Mother is now in her new home and settled in. There are still a lot of boxes to unpack and sort, but the major part of the work is out of the way.

Hubby is home and doing extremely well after  full shoulder replacement surgery. He needs six weeks before being allowed to drive again, and maybe a little longer before any heavy lifting.

A lot of time waiting at the hospital gave me the chance to finish my ripple blanket.

Sunburnt Quilts 2014 - Ripple Blanket

It is knee rug size. I have learned a lot about my tension when doing this project and hopefully have improved my skills along the way.


It  is lovely to be back doing some crafty projects again.


The weekend is sneaking up on us. have a good one.

Cheers, Karen



Posted on August 31, 2014 | 16 Comments

I had a very lovely lady notice that I hadn’t been posting anything on my blog for quite a while, and she was checking to see if everything was alright. What a sweetie.

So here I am, just scraping in for an August post. Sewing time has been extremely limited as most days have been spent cleaning and packing for my 86yo mother so she can move to a retirement village. And then there’s the paperwork.

I am starting to see cardboard boxes in my sleep and I think I have eaten enough dust to make me feel like a vacuum cleaner.

The big moving day is Thursday, then the unpacking starts.  Here’s hoping that moves much more quickly.

And just to keep me on my toes, hubby is going into hospital on the same day for major surgery. I almost think I would like to swap places with him ……. no, not really.

Well, in amongst all of this I have managed to do a couple of things. First up I was able to attend Urban Stitches which was held in St Kilda at the Novatel. This was with Rosalie Quinlan, Melly from Melly And Me, and Jodi from Ric Rac. It  was a much needed and thoroughly enjoy  break.

Rosalie had two lovely projects stitched using beautiful Cascade House crewel wool. The wools were lovely to use for embroidery.

This is Rosalie’s little bag.

Urban Stitches

And the front and back of the needle case.

Urban Stitches


Urban Stitches

This is how much I completed on the day.

Urban Stitches

Jodi had this very cute felt fox.

Urban Stitches

And Melly made these great pendants. Sorry for the poor photo.

Urban Stitches



I have completed a flimsy for a quilt for our 2yo grandson. Hopefully I can get it off to the quilter this week .. maybe. It is made from a pattern from the book, Precut Quilts by Janie Lou. The fabrics are Jungle Creatures (Robert Kaufman).

Sunburnt Quilts


Sunburnt Quilts


Sunburnt Quilts


Sunburnt Quilts

Love all these gorgeous animals!


I have also been trying to make a few of these delightful Christmas decorations from Marg Low called Make Merry – Snowman.

Sunburnt Quilts


Not a lot for a whole month, but at least it is something. Not sure that September will be any more productive. But the positives are that it is warming up with Spring on the way and the garden is looking good with loads of colour.

Christmas Letters.

Posted on July 30, 2014 | 19 Comments

Steady progress is being made on the blocks for a Christmas quilt. It is from a pattern by Viv Robinson.

These are my blocks so far – not all the hand stitching is complete on them.

Sunburnt Quilts - Christmas

Sunburnt Quilts - Christmas

Sunburnt Quilts - Christmas

Sunburnt Quilts - Christmas

Sunburnt Quilts - Christmas

All the applique is raw edge machine stitching. And a lot of the decorative lines are also machine stitched.

So, four more blocks to go.

Last weekend on the Sunday I attended a lovely stitching day at Monbulk with Lisa Cantlay, (FigNBerry ), Marg, (Marg Low Designs) and Karen Martin, (Mrs Martins).

The projects were great, the food delicious and the company was wonderful.

We were so lucky with the weather. We had beautiful sunshine streaming in the large windows.

Here are Marg’s projects.




There were also a couple of bookmarks in this set, but not in the photo.

And these are Lisa”s projects.




They are all gorgeous.

Thank you Lisa and Marg for such a wonderful selection of projects. And thanks to Karen Martin for all the supplies and patterns.

This is the one I worked on for the day.


I am also working on the circle ornaments and the felt birds.

There is also lots of sewing happening for a couple of American Girl dolls.

Hope your week is going well.

Cheers, Karen




A Little Sunshine Is very Welcome.

Posted on July 25, 2014 | 11 Comments

It was a delight to wake this morning to see the sun shining and some blue sky. We have had several weeks of overcast and rainy days. And a lot of fog.

It is still chilly and there is some wind, but seeing the sun makes a big difference.

I made the most of it by taking some photos of a little finish.

Sunburnt Quilts 2014 - Zig Zag

This is a small quilt, probably wall hanging size.  I did it as a mystery quilt workshop earlier this year.

Sunburnt Quilts 2014 - Zig Zag

I would have liked to make it larger but I could not track down sufficient fabric. It is from Leesa Chandler’s line, Passage to India.

I had trouble keeping the quilt still for a photo so it is waving about.

(But at least there is sunshine and blue sky.)

Sunburnt Quilts 2014 - Zig Zag


And the backing has nothing to so with the front! It was simply the right size.

Sunburnt Quilts 2014 - Zig Zag

The quilting was very simple – straight lines following the zig-zags.

Progress on all other projects is extremely limited at the moment as I have been helping my mother prepare her house for sale. We have had weeks of cleaning , sorting and de – cluttering. She is 85 and would like to  move into a retirement village. The work has been worth it as we listed the property on Thursday, had an open house on Saturday, then received a wonderful offer on Monday. So, pending all the checks and balances we will be moving my mother in about 6 weeks.

I am hoping to fit in a little sewing in between packing boxes. I do have this weekend to myself and am attending a stitching group on Saturday and then a workshop with Lisa Cantlay,  (FigNBerry) and Marg, (Marg Low Designs)  on Sunday at Monbulk.

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned, too.

Cheers, Karen




Busy Fingers.

Posted on July 16, 2014 | 17 Comments

I have had a busy couple of weeks which have kept me out of my sewing room, but I have managed to keep some handwork with me for those spare moments.

These are some stitcheries from Natalie Bird of The Birdhouse.

Sunburnt Quilts - Stitchery

It is from a little booklet called All Creatures Great and Small.

Sunburnt Quilts - Stitchery

I am not sure yet if I will make these into a quilt or a wall hanging. There is plenty of time to make up my mind as I stitch 10 more.


I am also stitching away on these little snowmen blocks.

Sunburnt Quilts - Stitchery

This a quilt pattern from Fig’N'Berry Creations called The Snowmen Are Gathering.


I am testing my limited crochet skills by making a ripple blanket. I decided the only way to improve my skills was to work on projects that pushed me a bit.  I must admit that it has been lovely to have this blanket sitting on my lap in this cold weather.

Sunburnt Quilts - Ripple Blanket


I am also sewing down the binding on a lap quilt. Hopefully I can post that one soon.

Hope your week is going well.

Cheers, Karen



Making The Most Of The Day.

Posted on July 4, 2014 | 17 Comments

Trying to take an outside photo of  a quilt is very tricky at this time of the year. It can be windy, cloudy, wet or any combination of all three.

Today was very cloudy and windy, but I took advantage of the wind easing off to snap a few pics because I knew there was rain forecast for the afternoon, and then for a few more days.

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014

You can see from the clouds in the sky that the rain is coming.

This is the contrast to taking a photo inside on the same cloudy day. Not quite up to the mark.

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014

But at least  you get to see it. This quilt is from a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman in her book A Practical Guide To Patchwork. This is the same book I used for the Kitchen Window quilt.

The hardest part with a cloudy day was getting the true colours of the fabrics. Some of the block close ups show it better.

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014

The fabric is from an early range by Rosalie Quinlan called Sweet Broderie.  I figured it was time to use it rather than keep looking at it. Very pretty fabric and so different to my normal choices.

Binding was done in the darker of the pink fabrics.

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014

The backing was pieced from all the left over fabrics.  Hardly a scrap left now.

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014

And the quilting was done by my lovely Long Arm Quilter, Pam.

Sunburnt Quilts - July 2014


As always, it is very pleasing to have another finish. And I am also pleased to be back inside where it is much warmer!

Enjoy the weekend.

Happy July 4th to my US family and friends. Enjoy your celebrations.

Cheers, Karen



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