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Quilting In Spring.

Posted on October 8, 2017 | 10 Comments

Isn’t it lovely when Spring finally arrives!


The blossom has been falling like confetti on the garden and driveway.  So pretty.

It has also been much easier to get out to take quilt photos.

This quilt is a lovely reminder of our visit to Charleston, SC, as the fabrics were purchased there and remind me of that sea-side city.

I started with two charm packs which were are the HSTs in the middle.

And the yardage was used in the border. I had enough of the yardage left over to use in the backing in the centre.

I kept the quilting simple with straight lines each side of every seam of the HSTs – horizontal, vertical and diagonal. I used a neutral thread on the main body of the quilt. It gives the illusion of triangles being quilted inside each piece.

Glad I didn’t have to really do that.

In the border I did teardrops. Blue thread on the front.

And kept the neutral thread on the back. Navy binding.

Another finish done and dusted. Time for a bit of Spring cleaning too. Windows first!

Have a lovely week.

Cheers, Karen



Yes, More Christmas!

Posted on September 25, 2017 | 11 Comments

I was not quick enough today and missed my chance at taking photos in the sunshine. We seem to be getting only 5 minute bursts in between rain showers. But I understand our farmers still need the rain so that is far more important.

This quilt is a bonus as it is made using the leftover fabric from the Christmas Star quilt that was in my  one before last post.

I only had to add the green and white spot for the sashing.

The layout was kept simple as the fabrics are effective enough on their own. I did the quilting with curves, loops and stars. That works just fine for Christmas.


The backing and binding was the same green and white spot fabric. Love the way it shows up the quilting.

This fabric range has been delightful. As well as making complete quilts from it I have also used it in part in several other designs. And, yes, all were Christmas quilts.


I got myself into gear last week and sandwiched quite a few quilts. I really must not let my pile of flimsies built up so much. Although that is easier said than done as I have already made two more tops before getting any of the quilting done!! I do need to focus!!

Have a great week. Cheers, Karen





Rainbow Cats For Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

Posted on September 19, 2017 | 28 Comments

This is my second entry  in the Blogger’s Quilt festival for Fall 2017.

This wonderful sharing of quilts is organised by Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side.

This quilt is another one from earlier in the year and has been on my blog before.

There are a lot of lovely pieced animal blocks around and Elizabeth Hartman has a great collection of them. I have adapted her cat mini quilt to make a full sized bed quilt.

Every cat block is a different colour. The colour changes follow a path from the top left block and travel in a zig zag pattern to the bottom corner.

I was able to find enough fabrics in my stash to make sure there were no double ups and to be able to meet the requirements for gradual colour changes.

I had this one quilted by my favourite LAQ. Love the swirls. They remind me of cat tails.

The backing is a great fabric from Ella Blue basics and is covered with Australian place names.

Here are some of the towns listed.

I had two blocks left over so I turned them into cushion covers.

I hope you have time to enjoy all the quilts in the festival.

Congratulations to Amy for the festival and thank you the sponsors for supporting her.

Cheers, Karen


Christmas Stars For Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

Posted on September 19, 2017 | 21 Comments

I an sharing a quilt in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival  (Fall 2017)run by Amy Ellis from Amy’s Creative Side.

This is a quilt I made earlier this year and have shown it before, but I am putting it in a separate post for the festival.

The fabric is from the range Countdown To Christmas by Sweetwater.

I wanted to make the star shape the negative space in this one so use the dots on a cream background.

The cream fabric went into the border as well as the sashing.

I kept the quilting to straight lines. Tram tracks along the seams and then diagonal lines through the stars.

I used a black with red stripe from the same range for the binding.

I happened to be in Spotlight after Christmas for their sale and picked up a perfect backing for the quilt.

Thank you so much to Amy for organising the Quilt Festival and to all the sponsors supporting her.

Take the time to go over and look at all the wonderful quilts. Here in the link.

Cheers, Karen.


Semi Circles Or Windmills.

Posted on September 11, 2017 | 9 Comments

Time to catch up on some quilting. This one has been sandwiched for a while and I finally gave it time on the machine last week. It is actually the last one waiting in line that was sandwiched. There are still stacks of flimsies waiting to be sandwiched and hopefully I can make a dent in that pile this week.


It is made as groups of four to look like flower petals but I keep seeing windmills.


I straight line quilted the sashing to secure the blocks then free motion quilted the space above each semi circle with loops.


Lots of circles and loops in the border and then spotty binding.

I had quite a few fat quarters from a matching range so I put together a backing piece using those.


I do like seeing how well the quilting shows up on the back of some quilts.


I am not quite sure where this one will go – maybe on the back of a couch until I decide.

Spring is trying to peek through here and the apricot tree is in blossom. I just hope a few blossoms stay on in the strong winds we are having.

And it is lovely to see the bulbs started to show up as well. They are so pretty.

With all the crazy and destructive weather going on around the world I will accept the cold and wind here gratefully.

Cheers, Karen




Little Red Cushions.

Posted on September 4, 2017 | 13 Comments

I think I have been working away on these little stitcheries over quite a few years. They are the ones I tended to pick up and take with me when I needed a portable project. These are the Christmas tree design.

I have completed the set of 12 stitcheries from a pattern by Lynette Anderson called Sweet Christmas Ornaments.

But I decided to do a few of the trees so I could play around with fabric choices. Instead of settling on one fabric as I first thought I would, I am now going to make them with a mixture of fabrics as I do like that look.

The little cushions end up at about 6 inches wide.  I have noticed two things in this photo. I need to go back and finish stitching some branches. And I also may need to put a dab of glue behind the buttons to stop them moving.

Each pattern came with a wooden button and I then purchased an extra button set to make more.

I had to go hunting in the button jar for extra s for these cushions. Of course I had a lot of gift shaped buttons but they were mostly too big. Thankfully these two worked out okay.

I have the rest of the stitcheries ready to go, but then was distracted with some quilting.

It is very cold outside today so I am pleased to have a quilt on my lap that needs binding.

Hope your week runs smoothly.

Cheers, Karen




Being A Tourist.

Posted on August 28, 2017 | 9 Comments

This delightful package arrived in the post last week.

Susan, from PatchworkNPlay, had a give away and obviously I was the lucky recipient. It really is a sweet little pin cushion. Thanks, Susan.

Last week we spent a few days in the north-west of our state (Victoria). We wanted to follow the Silo Art Trail. This is an initiative set up by these small communities in conjunction with the state government to create interest and bring tourists to these tiny towns. All the localities are in the wheat belt and the silos are dotted along the railway line. There is a lot of information about the silos on a Facebook page and also stacks of other sites. Google Silo Art Trail and select the info you want to read.

Here is a taste of what we saw.

We were very impressed with what we saw. There was a lot of driving between each one but it was well worth it. It was great to see what each community was doing to keep an interest in their towns and is a credit to all involved.

I am hoping to get back to some sewing this week. With our cold weather it is good to stay indoors. Hail yesterday and snow on the hills not far from us.

I hope your week has started well.

Cheers, Karen




Little Finishes.

Posted on August 14, 2017 | 12 Comments

It is good to be getting back on track with  some quilting. I have had this panel sandwiched for a while and thought it would be good to do to get back into the swing of FMQ.

I have only added an inner and outer border to make it slightly larger. It will be good as a wall hanging or table topper.

I have been keeping up with some knitting and was able to add these to my gift supply.

Quite a cheeky pair.

We have had a couple of lovely sunny days here. So good to start the week with some sunshine. I know it will change mid week and be back to Winter, but I am going to enjoy the sun while I can.

Have a lovely week.

Cheers, Karen




Back On Track.

Posted on August 8, 2017 | 7 Comments

Hello August!

The McKenna Ryan blocks for Aussie Christmas are steadily growing. They are very time consuming but well worth the effort.

The ornaments need to have hanging ribbons added, but I need to find ones that I like. That part can easily wait as I know the rest of the blocks will not be finished overnight.

I have had an enforced break from blogging this last month due to some serious family illness. It is lovely to be back to normal and catching up with posts again.

I did manage to add to my Christmas felt decorations, this time with owls.

I am amazed at how many felt decorations I have made over the years to give away, but never kept any for myself.  It is an interesting process working through the list and making the patterns again.

We have  a busy time ahead with five family birthdays in eight days. Keeps you on your toes.

Have a great week.

Cheers, Karen



Warm And Woolly.

Posted on July 10, 2017 | 15 Comments

Knitting in Winter is a lovely way to keep warm but I have now realised that crocheting a blanket is even warmer. I have finished one in pure wool and it has been a delight to snuggle under it as it has grown.

It covers me perfectly from chin to toes, so it now sits next to my chair ready for me to use.

It is called a neat wave ripple and I have followed the pattern from Attic 24.

I kept the edging very simple – orange all round.

So there we go – a finish, but nothing to do with stitching. I must admit that I was very caught up in doing this – it was quite a distraction. But the last couple of days have seen the machine back in action.

Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead.

Cheers, Karen





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