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Quilts For Boys.

Posted on March 14, 2017 | 7 Comments

Choosing fabrics to make into quilts for children is always very tricky, especially when those children get to an age where they like to be particular about what goes in their room. Our grandie knew the design he wanted but not the fabric.

My solution was to point our grandson to a few quilt fabric websites and see what he liked. Our eight year old decided to follow his interest in Skylanders and chose themed fabric.

Here is the resulting quilt.

It was a little tricky to start with because he only chose two fabrics – the grey in the borders and stripes and the backing fabric.

To make it work properly with some contrast and interest I added the yellow and blue from the same range, plus some black.

That was my way of using a bit of quilter’s license.

The quilt design is based on the strippie quilt from Mary Quilts.  

I have added extra length and a narrow and wide border.

I decided to use the second fabric of his choice as the backing so he can change sides when he wants to.

I had this one done with the same LAQ as the cat quilt from the previous post.

The quilting design is called Plush and shows up quite well.

I had enough fabric left over to make two pillowcases to add to the parcel.

This one and the cat quilt are the two quilts that are now winging their way to the states and I am tracking the parcel’s progress very closely.

I will let you know if they arrive safely and how long it takes. I have my fingers crossed!!!!

Cheers, Karen



Completed Cats.

Posted on March 7, 2017 | 8 Comments

There are a lot of lovely pieced animal blocks around and Elizabeth Hartman has a great collection of them. I have adapted her cat mini quilt to make a full sized bed quilt.

This is one of her easier blocks but it still involved a little bit of fiddling around.

Every cat block is a different colour. The colour changes follow a path from the top left block and travel in a zig zag  pattern to the bottom corner.

The true colour of the background fabric is an indigo blue, but that is difficult for the camera to pick up.

I used a deep blue for the inner blue and binding.

I was able to find enough fabrics in my stash to make sure there were no double ups and to be able to meet the requirements for gradual colour changes.

The backing is a great fabric from Ella Blue basics and is covered with Australian place names. I thought this was perfect as this quilt is going overseas to our grand daughter.

And the quilting shows up clearly on the backing, too. I had this quilted by my local LAQ. I think the pattern is popcorn.

Here is the quilting on the front, too.

I had two blocks left over so I turned them into cushion covers.

I have two quilts now ready to post.

I am after any ideas or suggestions for posting quilts overseas. I will wrap them in plastic for protection and then box them. I will make sure the address is inside the package as well as on the box. And I will insure it. When I write the declaration on the box do I call them quilts or is that asking for trouble? Do I simply call them bedding?

I welcome any ideas. It bothers me that I am posting items worth hundreds of dollars and that they could go missing. Even when I have posted small items to the US and have requested they be signed for, those parcels have simply been left on the doorstep.

Thanks in anticipation for your ideas.

Cheers, Karen






Bow Ties.

Posted on February 28, 2017 | 12 Comments

Some quilts need time to sit for a while before the right plan comes along to finish them. This Bow Tie quilt was one of those.

I really didn’t know what to do with the white empty spaces. So it sat for several years until I came up with a plan and had the skill to do it.

I ended up with some big teardrops and lots of bubbles.

Same idea in the corners and side half blocks.

The fabrics are all from the one range -Fresh by Deb Strain.

In this design the bow ties are 3D.

You do have to take a lot of care with these when quilting – too easy to get hooked on them.

A bright backing and bright green binding to finish off.

We went to the movies yesterday to see Hidden Figures and loved it. What a great film.

I am hoping to get along to see Lion next.

Have a wonderful week.

Cheers, Karen



Three Trees.

Posted on February 14, 2017 | 11 Comments

Another bundle of tiny cushions has been completed and this time they come in threes.

The design itself, from Marg Low, has three trees. And then I made three cushions and played with each of the designs.

The first one was done with hand embroidery.

The second was with fabric stitched on by machine.

And the third was pencil colouring and machine stitching.

No particular favourites for me. I like each one.

I sent two large quilts out to get LAQ today. And  I stitched on some binding to a smaller quilt as well. I plan to stitch the binding down for that one later in the week. Of late, my projects are either large or small – nothing in between.

Let’s see what the rest of the week brings.

Cheers, Karen





Too Early For Easter?

Posted on January 31, 2017 | 16 Comments

It is probably not too early to be planning for Easter, although, like many, I am always surprised at seeing hot cross buns in the supermarkets the day after Christmas.

I have finished a little Easter mini from Anni Downs. The stitching was done last year but I had not added the borders and done the quilting. At least I am now ready for this Easter.

Now I will jump to another season. I also had a Christmas stitchery that had been finished a while back and is now a mini cushion. I think it is from Teddlywinks.

I am finding that making little cushions is a good way to display these smaller stitcheries, especially when display space is limited. They can go just about anywhere.

It is the last day of January and lots of families have children heading back to start the first day of a new school year. Good luck to all of them and special thought for all their teachers.

Cheers, Karen





Animals Everywhere.

Posted on January 24, 2017 | 8 Comments

I am still not sure about what is working with my blog and what is not, but here I go regardless.

Today’s theme appears to be animals – purely by accident.

First up, Michelle’s lovely patterns have been turned into a cushion. It was going to be a banner but I liked this better.

I am currently working on others from the pattern.

Moving on to another animal grouping.

This is a design from Natalie at The Birdhouse.

I had finished the stitchery a while ago but hadn’t stitched it into a wall hanging.

It needed a small flange to frame the stitchery and then some quilting was added.

Now it is ready for next Christmas.

And to finish off the animal theme for today, here are the blocks I have been busy making.

So far 80 in all. I will play with the layout a little more then add all the sashing.

The block is a free design from Elizabeth Hartman.

The tennis watching has been interesting with so many top seeds being knocked out. Glad it is not me out there playing in the heat.

I do enjoy the air conditioner at home. Have a good week.

Cheers, Karen






A Pretty Bouquet.

Posted on January 17, 2017 | 11 Comments

In a post before Christmas I had finished an embroidery piece. It had been in the works for over 6 months.

I was able to pick it up from the framer’s this morning and am very happy with the result.

A close up.

The second photo is a good indication of the colours. Such a lovely design.

Now the tricky part – where to hang this one?

Another hot one today, but it is Summer. Lots to do inside and plenty of tennis, cycling and cricket to watch in the background.

Is January flying by or is it just me?

Cheers, Karen



Keeping On Finishing.

Posted on January 10, 2017 | 12 Comments

Having the time to quilt some flimsies is a wonderful thing. I have completed another quilt that has been waiting patiently for a few months.

It is a very simple design but it works so well with these lovely fabrics. I added a background fabric that is cream on white design.

Quilting stayed simple – meandering on the inside and straight lines on the borders.

It seems to work okay.

I had a lovely fabric for the backing that matched the colours perfectly and is a bit of fun, too.

Very cute birds.

I am keeping things quiet around here and am already quilting the next UFO.

I hope your week has started well.

Cheers, Karen.



Starting A Happy New Year.

Posted on January 2, 2017 | 8 Comments

Happy New Year. It is always good to start with a holiday!

The Christmas/New Year break has been relatively quiet so I have been able to get back into some sewing. As is often the case, I had some Christmas UFOs to complete. So I got down to quilting and binding.

A finish!! I cut up the panel, added borders and included a background. The photo is a little dull as the quilt is under cover. After our crazy hot Christmas weather we are having a coolish day with drizzle.  The heat will be back in 2 days time.

The billowy white shape behind the quilt is the apricot tree covered in netting. We have picked a handful already and decided we needed to net the tree before the birds discovered the fruit was ripe. I am planning some jam making and bottling by the end of the week.

The tall plant in the pot is a sunflower and has just opened.

Back to the quilt.

Straight lines in the borders and meandering in the background.

I outline quilted shapes in each panel then added more meandering.




I had a suitable green with a Christmas feel to use for the backing.

And of course I like to see the shadows created by the quilting when it is on the bed.

One UFO down – more to go. I have the next quilt sandwiched and ready to go.

I hope your year has started well and that 2017 is a happy and healthy one.

Cheers, Karen.

PS. Here’s another sunflower – looks like a mini – growing in our hot house.



Small Finishes.

Posted on December 20, 2016 | 8 Comments

In the middle of all that is busy at Christmas, I have been able to achieve a couple of small finishes.

This is another of Marg Low’s lovely felt ornaments.

I always want to make several of each of these. Maybe if all is quiet after Christmas.

I have finished stitching some of Michelle Ridgway’s gorgeous Christmas animals. (Rag Tag Stitchin’.)

I will be turning this trio into a small banner.

I think the majority of my cards have been received. This was the way they looked this year.

This week will involve Christmas cooking, wrapping the final gifts and spending time with family and friends.

And the weather is warming up. Looks like we have a beach day predicted for the 25th. Sounds like a perfect Aussie Christmas Day.

Cheers, Karen



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